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Mythmaker: A New Beginning

Hello folks! It’s been a while since my last post but a lot has happened in my personal life that made me put this project on hold. I won’t get into details but I suffer from chronic nerve pain in my lower back that leaves me with constant headaches and migraines. For a while, it was tough to work on the project and so I had to let it sit for while.

I am, as of writing this, doing a lot better. My health is improving and I’ve taken strides to make sure it stays that way. But there’s something to be said about coming back towards unfinished work with a fresh set of eyes. As I began reading over what was Mythical Monsters, I began seeing the game for what it really was. A lot of things cleared up for me and I felt my vision of the project renewed. But not as Mythical Monsters. No, as Mythmaker. That’s what the game has always been about: watching a character sheet grow before your eyes.

And so it is with great excitement that I declare this project to be back in action. You can expect weekly updates from me as well as on the newsletter which I will endeavor to make full use of.

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